Pinthong Industrial Park Public Company Limited
Reliable Infrastructure
  • Flood Prevention Measures
  • Power Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Roads & Public Areas
  • Telecommunications
  • 24/7 Security
  • One stop service
  • Gas Pipeline

Flood Prevention Measures

Because our estate is located on land that is 25 – 140 meters above sea level, it is naturally unlikely to be flooded. Yet we have added further preventive methods to lessen any small chances such as implementing flood or water logging prevention systems and building an Eco belt surrounding the project for the even higher assurance.

Power Supply

Stable electricity is vital for smooth production. To enable seamless operations within the project, the estate has collaborated with PEA and has a substation inside the property. We even plan to construct a power plant, steam power plant, and other related services for customers.

Water Supply

Pinthong Industrial Estate has a 1,000,000 cubic meter raw reservoir. The estate receives raw water from Eastwater Group, ensuring that we can sufficiently supply customers with tap water that share the same standards as the Provincial Waterworks Authority.

Wastewater treatment

As an Eco Industry, Pinthong Industrial Estate runs a central wastewater treatment system to ensure that the released water passes standards set by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.

Roads & Public Areas

To fully support industrial activities, roads within the project are built to meet high standards. Main roads have widths ranging from 27-40 meters which are divided into 4 traffic lanes while smaller roads range from 20-30 meters wide and are divided into 2 lanes.


For speedy and smooth communications, Pinthong Industrial Estate has partnered with the country’s leading telecommunications servicers to install cutting edge underground fiberglass networks.

24/7 Security

We take our customer’s safety and security seriously. Thanks to our strong partnership with the Nongkham PD, local fire station, CCTV systems throughout the entire project, along to the security staff team and fire prevention officers who work 24/7, customers can feel safe at all times. In case of an emergency, we can be reached immediately through Pinthong Hotline at all hours.

One stop service

With the Company’s extended experience in the industry, we offer professional advice about business for customers. From launching a business, registering a company, recruiting and taking care of staff, to managing an organization, we are ready to provide a helping hand in a convenient one stop service.

Gas Pipeline

As natural gas is a cheaper energy resource compared to electricity, we prepared a gas pipeline to save your utility costs.


To us, a healthy work-life balance is essential for our customers. As developers of Pinthong Industrial Estate, we consider all aspects thoroughly to make the working life quality of entrepreneurs and their employees pleasant. The estate is not only a place where work is, it is also a place where people can feel at home in. Hotels, residential lodgings, restaurants, spas, banks, parks, bicycle tracks around the project’s water reservoir, minimarts, and venues for seminars and conferences are included.